A new task is now live on Blade

2 min readFeb 21, 2023

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To more ADB earning!

We are excited to announce a new task that is live on the BLADE app. This task requires you to join the @BitShibaToken Telegram group.

BitShiba ($SHIBA) has a fully distributed decentralized supply, 50% of tokens were burnt and 50% were locked as liquidity until 2099. Visit their website to learn more. https://bitshiba.io/

The link is already provided on the Blade app. You will then get rewarded with ADB.

Just follow the steps below:

Go to the BLADE app dashboard:

1. Log in to your Blade Dashboard and see available tasks.

2. You need to be KYC-verified to be able to perform this task. In order to earn this reward, ensure that your Blade app ERC20 wallet address is not linked to an exchange (you will get info on the same). Click the Telegram task to proceed.

3. Join the https://t.me/BitShibaToken Telegram group.

4. Enter your Telegram username in the field provided. (Multiple entries with the same telegram username will result in a failed entry).

5. Submit the task.

6. Wait for the task to be reviewed and verified.

The task is live on the BLADE app! Let’s earn some ADB!

You need to be KYC-verified to be able to perform this task.

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