A new task is now live on Blade

Jan 27, 2022


Earn ADB by completing this task

Happy new year!

We are excited to announce a new task that is live on the BLADE app. This task requires you to subscribe to the Adbank YouTube channel. The link is already provided on the Blade app.

Just follow the steps below:

Go to the BLADE app dashboard:

1. Log in to your YouTube account (you can create an account with your Gmail if you do not have one)

2. Subscribe to Adbank’s YouTube channel (get the link on Blade app)

3. Take a screenshot after subscribing to Adbank’s YouTube channel (having logged in with your account)

4. Submit the screenshot

5. Enter your YouTube username in the next field

6. Click “Enter task” to submit the task

Wait for the task to be reviewed and verified.

The task is live on the BLADE app! Let’s earn some ADB!