As the climate change crisis deepens, what role do the crypto players have to play?

3 min readSep 1, 2023


As the 2023 Africa Climate Week (ACW), an annual event that brings together leaders from governments, businesses, international organizations, and civil society to explore ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions starts next week, crypto players need to reflect on going green.

Several initiatives and approaches are being explored to make crypto more environmentally friendly. These include:

  1. Layer 2 Solutions: Layer 2 solutions, such as the Lightning Network for Bitcoin and various scaling solutions for Ethereum, aim to conduct a large number of transactions off the main blockchain. This reduces the strain on the main blockchain and decreases energy usage. ADB is now situated on EL2 (polygon network).
  2. Proof of Stake (PoS): Many newer blockchain projects are adopting the PoS consensus mechanism. Unlike Proof of Work (PoW), which relies on miners solving complex mathematical puzzles, PoS validators are chosen to create new blocks based on the number of coins they hold and are willing to “stake” as collateral. This significantly reduces energy consumption since it doesn’t require constant computational power.
  3. Community Initiatives: Crypto communities are becoming more aware of the environmental impact and are advocating for more sustainable practices within the industry.
  4. Renewable Energy Usage: Some mining operations are being powered by renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with mining.
  5. Carbon Offsetting: Some crypto projects are exploring ways to offset their carbon emissions by investing in carbon offset projects.
  6. Eco-Friendly Projects: New crypto projects are being developed with a focus on sustainability and minimal energy consumption. These projects aim to tackle environmental concerns from the outset.
  7. Regulation and Transparency: Regulatory bodies are starting to address the environmental concerns of crypto mining. Increased transparency and compliance with eco-friendly standards could become prerequisites for operating in certain jurisdictions.

It’s worth noting that while these initiatives are promising, there’s still work to be done to fully transition the crypto industry to a greener model. The extent of the impact will depend on the adoption of these practices and the willingness of the crypto community to prioritize environmental sustainability.

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