At last, a blockchain solution for your social media

4 min readMar 23, 2022

Two years ago today, following the launch of my second book, I shared a video of the keynote speaker talking about the book on Facebook. A few hours later, a gentleman commented and asked for a copy. That is the power of social media! There are over 4.6 billion social media users as of January 2022. Facebook is still in the lead followed by YouTube while TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform.

Before you join social media, or if you are already on some social media platform(s), it is important to reflect on these four questions: Why do you want to be on social media, how will you achieve your social media strategy, when do you want to get started and how will you track results? The Blade Self-serve platform provides a solution to most of these questions. Sign up to get started and grow your social media following within weeks and cost-effectively. You will also be able to track results in real-time!

Many people face hurdles when growing their social media platforms including:

i) How to create quality content. When it comes to content, it is important to choose quality over quantity. Are you giving your followers value? Are you educating them and updating them on news worth sharing?

ii) The other challenge is to maintain originality. In a world where people can mimic others and copy-paste content, maintaining a unique voice and style would endear you to people who are looking for fresh ideas. Your content will stand out above ‘the noise’ of every Tabitha, Diana, and Harriet or Tom, Dick, and Harry, if you may.

iii) The greatest challenge is to grow your reach. Social media platforms can take years to grow.

Some of the mistakes people make when growing their social media platforms include self-glorification (praising oneself a lot), treating all social media the same, and failing to engage in conversations.

To win big on social media, you should understand your target audience, craft a good social media strategy and content plan, and determine the social media platform(s) that will meet your needs.

Some of the benefits of growing your social media platforms entail:

i) To boost your brand awareness so that more people can know you and understand your value proposition.

ii) Have an opportunity to engage with your audience deeper and understand their needs. You can receive feedback on social media as well as criticism that gives you insight on areas of improvement.

iii) Being on social media provides an opportunity to monitor competition, and trends to remain relevant.

But the big question remains, how will you grow your social media fast, cost-effectively, and be able to audit and track results? This is where Adbank’s Blade Self-serve platform comes in. You can launch various micro tasks and grow your social media within days.

The self-serve platform is a blockchain solution that brings transparency and trust where users can track the performance of their tasks in real-time.

Sign up via this link to create your self-serve platform account. Read the step-by-step guide on how to create an account and get started. You can also watch this video.

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The writer is the Marketing Coordinator at Adbank.