Boxmining Interviews CTO of Adbank

2 min readDec 5, 2017

Like you, the Adbank team regularly gets lost watching all the great crypto content on YouTube but there’s a few channels that stand out above the rest.

Boxmining has over 98,000 subscribers and is one of the most beloved and trusted voices in the industry so it was a massive honour to have our CTO, Chiron Bramberger, as a guest on the show.

Topics covered in the interview:

  • [4:39] What problems have you identified with the advertising space that need to be fixed
  • [7:13] How is Adbank going to solve the problem within the advertising space? What can you do about it?
  • [11:07] How does the AI technology work & what happens when you detect fraud?
  • [14:07] There is a centralized aspect of Adbank and there is a decentralized component built on Ethereum. Can you explain about this?
  • [15:47] How are you going to integrate this technology with existing ad networks and what is your plan for adoption?
  • [16:56] Why would publishers be interested in this technology?
  • [21:34] What is the status of the overall project and the Adbank network platform?
  • [23:50] How are you different from BAT?
  • [26:55] How efficient is the AI? What assumptions will be made?
  • [31:21] Are you worried that the Ethereum network might be clogged up?
  • [32:43] What processes are you doing off chain? Where can this data be accessed?
  • [35:49] Why did you choose a token sale and how is it organized?
  • [37:03] What is the value of the ADB token?
  • [40:53] Traditional advertisers like to deal in cash. Can they do that with Adbank or will they have to buy tokens?
  • [43:52] Does Adbank have any big competitors?
  • [47:24] What will you do with the remaining tokens that are not sold?
  • [51:39] What partnerships do you currently have?