How To Export Your Private Keys in Jaxx Wallet

  1. Click the Tools option
  2. Click the option to Display Private Keys
  3. Wait 5 seconds and click the “I Understand” button on the bottom right
  4. If you set up your PIN (you should), enter it now.
  5. Click the option you would like to display (ETH in this case).
  6. Click the Export button — you may have more than 1 key. You’ll need them all.
  7. Click the Copy All button.
  8. Open up Notepad on Windows, or TextEdit on a Mac (or any other text editor, and then Paste your keys into that and save the file somewhere safe (it is good to put it in a password protected .zip file).
  9. Open MyEtherWallet, go to the tab Send Ether & Tokens. One of the options for loading a wallet is “Private Key”. Click this and paste your unencrypted private key. The key should be 64 characters. Click Unlock to the right and you now have access to your wallet!



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