November Monthly Update

Find what we’ve accomplished in November and what’s planned for in December!

November has seen some big opportunities including a new partnership, launch of new tasks, more marketing initiatives, and ultimately user growth!

Partnership: Following the unveiling of Uffsports’ NFTs marketplace, a new partnership was born. Uffsports partnered with Adbank to create more awareness about the project. The partnership has been of mutual benefit to both organizations.

More tasks: November saw the Referral Signup task go live on the BLADE app. Users are required to sign up and try their hand in trading on the KuCoin platform. Upon successful completion of the task, you will be rewarded with ADB. This task went live on Black Friday.

Learn with Adbank: We have introduced #ADBbite that includes nuggets about crypto and articles to demystify the subject. Catch them on our social media channels and also on the medium blog. We hope these will add value to our community and look forward to your feedback and comments.


Accumulate more ADB: As you are aware, the Hold rewards and referral programs are now permanent. Don’t miss out on these bonuses. You will continue to earn 10% of what the people you refer earn. However, you need to be KYC-verified to get the referral rewards. Remember you can appeal to redo your KYC in case it fails during the initial attempt.

Aggressive marketing: You will be seeing more engagement on YouTube from December 2021. Besides, we shall continue with marketing initiatives on all our social media channels. These will ultimately drive user growth.

Tech: The self-serve platform is underway and we shall communicate when we go live. Regular updates on the #BLADE app which continue to give our users a great experience are ongoing.

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day. We look forward to ending the year on a good note.

If you have any questions, join our Telegram community where you’re able to ask questions and meet the team. Join Our Community Here.




advertising is broken. let’s fix it.

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advertising is broken. let’s fix it.

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