September Sign-Up Bonus!

Find out how to get yours — but act fast, this is only for a limited time!

Already using BLADE? You’re still eligible!

We want to thank all early adopters of BLADE, so you are eligible for the sign-up bonus as well.

How to qualify:

  1. Download and install both BLADE extensions (available for Chrome and Firefox) Get it here.
  2. Register your account and input your wallet ID
  3. Pass KYC verification
  4. Use BLADE to protect your privacy and earn ADB!

That’s it! We’ll deposit 3500ADB into your wallet at the beginning of October!

The fine print: Complete your KYC verification by September 30th, 2019. Only those who pass KYC verification will be eligible to receive the 3500ADB sign up bonus. Tokens will be distributed by October 14th, 2019.

New to BLADE?

Find the FAQ’s here. Join the team and ask questions on Telegram here. Need support? Email and the team will help you out!



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