The self-serve platform will be a game-changer

4 min readFeb 12, 2022

Steuart Henderson Britt once opined that doing business without advertizing is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does. That is how powerful it is to create awareness about your business, personal brand, or your cause through advertizing.

From encouraging behavioral change to economic development to shaping community voice, social media can be harnessed to bring these immense benefits as highlighted in this World Bank Report. However, many people struggle to grow their social media platforms to reach a big audience in the shortest time possible.

Should you choose to grow your social media platform(s) through paid advertising, it would be prudent to consider a platform that gives you verifiable results and achieves those results cost-effectively.

So, what would be the solution to this nightmare that brings the much-needed transparency and trust in the advertising space? As the “good professor” of the popular TV series ‘Money heist’ would say, “that is where Adbank comes in.” Adbank was founded on this backdrop to provide a solution.

As you may already know, Adbank is a powerful peer-to-peer advertising platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform is based on trust instead of control and is available for audit (you can track the performance of your tasks in real-time). Instead of having bots give you results, you get real people who can also become your clients and customers engage with your business or personal brand as they perform tasks.

Putting this into context, Adbank is the Airbnb of digital advertising. Adbank saves advertizers money by offering efficient advertising solutions, whereby advertizers pay less to have real tasks performed by real people at lower fees thereby eliminating middlemen who charge them exorbitantly for results that cannot be verified. On the other hand, KYC-verified publishers get rewarded with ADB for performing the tasks in question.

The Task Marketplace has since been integrated into an app, Blade which has similar features as the Blade Browser Extension. Read this blog to learn more on the interconnection of Blade, the Task Marketplace, Adbank, and ADB.

In the 1st quarter of 2022 (week of 14th Feb), Adbank will introduce the Blade self-serve platform. This will be a game-changer that will see an increase in activity in the task marketplace and positively impact the token and the ecosystem.

Individuals will now be able to launch their tasks, decide on entries/ results to expect, and when the specific tasks in question would be executed. Blade users will be able to perform micro tasks for partners and also launch their tasks. That is to mean users can fund their self-serve platform accounts to launch tasks and also perform tasks to earn ADB.

It is important to note that all existing tasks that new Blade users find on the app to execute and earn ADB will remain. You will still earn 10% of the amount of ADB people who use your Blade referral link earn on the Task Marketplace. In addition, you will continue earning hodl rewards when you hold your ADB in your ERC-20 wallet. Essentially, the self-serve platform adds to the existing offering and Blade capabilities.

Stay tuned to learn more about the self-serve platform, that will be launched on the week of 14th February, 2022. Watch the recent AMA update and read the 2022 roadmap.

The writer is the Marketing Coordinator at Adbank. Earn #freecrypto with the #BLADE app.