Varanida joins forces with adbank

Varanida users will now be able to earn ADB with BLADE

2 min readSep 13, 2019


Varanida is thrilled to announce a user migration partnership with adbank. This partnership will invite existing Varanida users and community members to utilize the BLADE browser extensions and get rewarded in ADB tokens. Get BLADE and get paid here.

Adbank is a Canadian-based crypto project with the aim to fight digital ad fraud and reward users for their attention.

The goals of Varanida and adbank are perfectly aligned, and so are the interests of both communities. The ability to reward users in cryptocurrency for viewing ads, while also protecting their privacy is a shared goal. In May 2019 the Varanida team made the decision to make the VAD token strictly utility. You can read more about this decision on their blog here. The Varanida team still wanted to provide value to their amazing community — and that is where adbank comes in.

Varanida users will be migrated to the BLADE browser extensions where they will be rewarded for their attention in ADB tokens.

Varanida currently sees over 15,000 daily active users on their browser extensions as well as a community of tens of thousands more. Adbank is thrilled to be able to offer the Varanida community the ability to get rewarded in ADB tokens, without compromising their privacy!

The adbank community can expect to see some very steady growth in BLADE users over Q4 2019. You can follow along with the BLADE dashboard here.

From the adbank team, they would like to share a warm welcome to Varanida users!

  • Learn more about adbank on their website here.
  • Join the adbank Telegram and ask the team questions here.
  • Get BLADE and get paid here.

PS: if you own VAD tokens in your Varanida wallets, keep them; a reward in ADB tokens will come soon!