Welcome new staff member Jamlick Kogi, Marketing Coordinator

A warm welcome to our newest staff member, Jamlick Kogi! Jamlick is a marketing communication specialist with over six years experience in content generation, digital marketing, branding, publicity, and event planning. Jamlick is a graduate of the University of Nairobi where he majored in Marketing.

Jamlick will be executing marketing and communication efforts in support of the next steps in user growth and brand building. More specifically, Jamlick will be handling content writing, social media management, and video creation among other responsibilities.

In addition to his experience with a number of organizations and industries including advisory consulting with a big four professional firm, to investments, to training and events, Jamlick is also a Speaker, event MC /entertainer and published writer. We know he’ll be a great fit within the crypto space, an area he has actively developed interest in the last few years.

During his free time, he mentors entrepreneurs and students in institutions of learning. He unwinds by catching up with close friends over mushroom soup or yoghurt (vanilla flavour), reading a book or watching movies. His mother says he was born talking! You can find out more about him on LinkedIn.



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