Banks will have an opportunity to integrate crypto trading platforms

3 min readNov 10, 2022
This blog highlights the latest news in the crypto space

The burgeoning cryptocurrency space is littered with opportunities to learn and understand the ins and outs of the industry, explore ways to diversify one’s portfolio and also avoid scams that can result in losses of your digital assets.

Mastercard has announced a program that will enable financial institutions to offer crypto trading services to their customers. Mastercard is launching this platform in collaboration with Paxos Trust, which provided similar services to Paypal. Dubbed Crypto Source, the program will enable users to buy, sell and hold crypto assets.

Within the new partnership that launches in Q4 of 2022, Paxos will provide crypto asset custody and trading on behalf of the banks, while Mastercard’s technology will integrate crypto trading into banks’ interfaces. In the ongoing quest for mainstream adoption, banks should find a way to embrace crypto in a win-win situation. The Crypto Source is one way and what Globiance is trying to achieve would also enhance interoperability between an exchange, banks, and wallets.

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‘She Codes 2022,’ a coding competition conducted by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education along with Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, aims to empower women in Saudi Arabia’s tech sector. Bidchain, a blockchain-based tender bidding platform, came third in the competition. More and more blockchain innovations are emerging in various sectors.

Technologies like blockchain don’t ensure anonymity, but with the proper understanding they can provide privacy, security, and even freedom, argues cybersecurity expert Mashael Al Sabah. The Beta Partner, a blockchain solution for social media gives users the freedom to grow their social media platforms fast, and cost-effectively.

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