Best Breaking News: At last, a gas solution has been found!

3 min readApr 13, 2022

In this blog, you will also find the revised 2022 Roadmap.

Providing blockchain advertising solutions is at the core of Adbank. In addition, we make deliberate efforts to continuously improve and provide our community with a great experience. We are always engaging with Blade users and listening to their needs. We now have a solution to the challenge of the high cost of gas that has been a hindrance to withdrawing your earned ADB rewards until you reach a certain threshold. Raise your glasses wherever you are and give a toast to this milestone!

What will this mean to you? You will earn rewards whenever you execute a task on the Blade Task marketplace and after the task has been verified. You will not wait to reach a certain threshold to earn your rewards. Remember as has been the practice, only KYC-verified users will be able to perform tasks and earn rewards.

Referral rewards will still be applicable-they are going nowhere! Have more confidence to invite family and friends to download the Blade app and join our community. They will earn their rewards as soon as they perform tasks and after the submitted tasks get verified. You might be wondering what will become of your already earned ADB rewards? After migration, all your earned ADB will be transferred to your ERC20 wallet (that should not be linked to an exchange), upon completion of your next task.

No changes are affecting the Beta Partner (Blade Self-serve platform) where individuals can launch microtasks. You will be at liberty to deploy your earned ADB to the Self-serve platform, (to grow your social media platforms), hodl them (once this feature is integrated on the new network), gift your family and friends, or any other use you would prefer.

This development has necessitated a need to revise our 2022 roadmap and incorporate the tech changes, developments and updates that will come with this shift to Ethereum Layer 2 migration.

Find below, the updated 2022 roadmap.

Stay tuned for the official launch next week. Meanwhile, ensure the ERC20 wallet linked to Blade is not an exchange wallet. If your Blade wallet is linked to an exchange, update to one that is not.

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