The All-New Blade Beta Partner Sign-up Promotion is Live!

2 min readApr 21, 2022
Find out how to get yours — but act fast, this is only for the first 10 people who launch tasks on Blade Self-Serve platform (Beta Partner)!

All of the Promotions in 2021 were a blast and we’re thrilled to announce a NEW Sign-up Promotion, running until the 30th of April 2022! Launch a task and earn a free ADB bonus!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our many past promotions. The New Blade Self-serve platform sign-up bonus rewards early adopters with 50,000 ADB which can be deployed to run additional task(s).

The all-new Blade Self-term platform allows individuals to launch microtasks and define when the tasks will run. You will also define the geographical region where you want your task(s) to run. This is the process of getting started on the Blade Self-serve platform:

How it works:

The promotion runs from now until April 30th, 2022 or when the first 10 tasks get launched-whichever is earlier. Sign-up on Blade Self-serve platform and follow the above steps to launch your task(s). The first 10 users will be rewarded with 50,000 ADB to run more tasks. Find out the amount of ADB required to run various entries here:

How to qualify:

1. Sign-up on Blade Self-serve platform here.

2. Fund your account.

3. Define and launch at least one Task.

Take advantage of the 50,000 ADB sign-up bonus this April.

The fine print:

· Rewards are for Self-serve platform accounts from which the first 10 tasks get launched. ADB bonus will be distributed directly in these accounts upon completion of the first task.

· Your tasks will be reviewed before they start running.

· Blade Users who perform tasks will need to be KYC verified.

· A maximum total of 500,000 tokens will be awarded in this promotion.

New to BLADE Self-serve Platform?

Read more here.

Find the FAQs here. Join the team and ask questions on Telegram here. Need support? Email and the team will help you out!