The future of elections is blockchain and 2023 might renew hope in the crypto space

3 min readDec 14, 2022

With blockchain, every vote in an election would be recorded securely and cannot be altered. South Korea announced last month to be setting up an online voting system based on the blockchain, becoming the first country to do so. Similar discussions are happening in India, opined as the world’s largest democracy. Blockchain technology has inspired other countries such as Kenya to hold more transparent elections.

Blockchain is a distributed database of immutable time-stamped series of record data managed by a cluster of nodes (computers). With global social media advertising projected to exceed USD 651.8 billion BY 2027, Adbank launched the Beta Partner (Self-serve platform), a blockchain solution to enhance transparency in the social media advertising space. Individual and corporate users can now launch microtasks all over the world and track the performance of their social media campaigns in real-time.

Adbank’s blockchain solution eliminates a problem that has been a common feature with other competing platforms (getting bot traffic instead of real followers). Only Blade app users, who are KYC-verified execute tasks that are launched on the Beta Partner.

Optimism is in the air that the crypto industry will recover despite the prolonged crypto winter and the FTX saga. Elon Musk, is among those positive about the future of crypto markets. The recent happenings have given a spotlight to the crypto space and more people are interested to learn more about the industry. Crypto scams decreased by over 65% compared to last year.

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