What would you do with a 50,000 ADB Bonus?

3 min readApr 27, 2022
Find out how to get yours — but act fast, this is only for the first 10 people who launch tasks on Blade Self-Serve platform (Beta Partner)!

April is promising to be a good month with lots of great news for our community. After finding a solution to the high cost of gas, we can now celebrate as Blade users will be earning crypto as soon as the task(s) they submit get verified. Instant rewards!

Remember you need to be KYC-verified for you to earn rewards. In addition, you will require to update your Blade wallet address to one that is not linked to an exchange (such as Metamask) so that your earned ADB gets transferred to the polygon network.

Shortly after finding the gas solution, we unveiled the Beta partner (self-serve platform) promotion to celebrate this milestone and reward Blade users who will run tasks. We are giving away a 50,000 ADB bonus to the first 10 people who will launch task(s)! Here are the steps to launch a task on the self-serve platform.

What problem(s) does the self-serve platform solve? As you are aware Adbank was started to bring blockchain solutions into the advertising space. Everyone would like transparency and accountability for every dollar they spend on advertising. To this end, the Blade Self-serve platform allows you to grow your social media channels and platforms fast and cost-effectively. In addition, you can track results in real-time!

Who can launch tasks on the self-serve platform? Anyone can launch tasks on the Blade self-serve platform. “Anyone” sounds so general right? Let’s mention some examples of those who will find the self-serve platform very useful:

· Organizations that are launching NFTs need to build a community. Such organizations will find a solution on the Beta partner.

· People with online businesses will find the Self-serve platform useful by growing their followers, hence getting more leads and business!

· The Self-serve platform is also ideal for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that need to grow within a short time and remain a going concern.

· Public figures such as celebrities and politicians would also get huge followers within a short time by running tasks on the self-serve platform, to name but a few.

The promotion runs until April 30th, 2022, or when the first 10 tasks get launched-whichever is earlier. Sign-up on Blade Self-serve platform and follow the above steps to launch your task(s). The first 10 users will be rewarded with 50,000 ADB to run more tasks. Find out the amount of ADB required to run various entries here:

How to qualify:

1. Sign-up on the Blade Self-serve platform here.

2. Fund your account.

3. Define and launch at least one Task.

Take advantage of the 50,000 ADB sign-up bonus this April.

New to BLADE Self-serve Platform?

Read more here.

Find the FAQs here. Join the team and ask questions on Telegram here.

We shall also extend you some Adbank swag if you refer to us NFT project(s) during the period of the promotion. The NFT project(s) you refer to us should launch tasks on the Self-serve platform.

Need support to run your tasks? Email hello@adbank.network and the team will help you out!