A step-by-step guide to running a campaign and earning the 50,000 ADB bonus!

5 min readApr 30, 2022


Individuals and businesses have started launching tasks on Beta partner and will be rewarded with a 50,000 ADB bonus!

Paul Halmos once opined that the best way to learn is to do. I agree with Paul that by doing something you experience it first-hand and understand its ins and outs. It is on this backdrop that I set out to create an account on the Blade Self-serve platform and launch a YouTube task to grow my subscription through verified subscribers. The following were my goals:

i) Grow my YouTube subscribers within a short time.

ii) Spend a fair budget to achieve the above objective.

iii) Have real people, who are KYC-verified, visit my YouTube channel, sample my work, and subscribe to my channel.

iv) Track results in real-time.

Adbank’s Beta partner (self-serve platform) was my ideal solution to realize my goals. The self-serve platform allows individuals to launch microtasks that support their social media campaigns.

I was clear on the platform I intended to start with: YouTube (to get more subscribers), the number of YouTube subscribers I needed, and from which region (their geographical location). In my case, I chose all regions since I have a desire for my services to be known across the world. I was able to define these parameters in my Self-serve account.

Here are the steps I followed to launch the YouTube task:

i) I had signed up at the Kucoin exchange and completed KYC. I also installed Metamask and created an account on the Blade Self-serve platform.

ii) The next step was to fund my self-serve account with ADB to launch my campaign.

iii) My first stop was at Kucoin where I needed to buy Ethereum and trade it for ADB on the same platform, then transfer (withdraw ADB to the Self-serve platform). Peer to peer did not work for me and neither did my bank debit card! I had to look for a plan to achieve my goal.

iv) I settled on the Binance exchange where I was able to buy some Ethereum through p2p. The Ethereum amount was received in my funding wallet. I wanted to start with 20,000 ADB. To this end, I bought Ethereum worth more than 20,000 ADB so that I could spare some for the transaction fees and also for future use.

v) The next step was to withdraw some of the Ethereum to my Kucoin wallet. Under wallet, ‘fiat and spot’, I clicked ‘withdraw’, searched for the coin ‘Ethereum’, and entered my Kucoin ‘Ethereum’ wallet address followed by Ethereum ERC20 network in the next field and confirmed the transaction. I factored in transaction costs before withdrawing.

vi) The Ethereum purchased from Kucoin was well received in my Kucoin Main account. I had acquired my Kucoin Ethereum wallet address by clicking “deposit” against the Ethereum coin. The next step was to buy some ADB with Ethereum.

vii) I transferred some Ethereum from my Main Wallet to my trading account (still in Kucoin). I traded some Ethereum for ADB and received ADB instantly. I bought more than 20,000 ADB having in mind that some transaction costs would be deducted from my ADB when withdrawing ADB to Metamask. I then transferred ADB to the main account from my trading account.

viii) Hurray! I had successfully purchased some ADB! Let’s get the ADB to the Self-serve platform! I withdrew ADB from my Kucoin main account to Metamask. Before this step, I had sent some of the Ethereum balance on the Binance account to Metamask (for liquidity and to enable the transfer of ADB to the Self-serve platform).

Once my ADB was received in my Metamask wallet, it was now time to launch my task!

ix) I signed into my Self-serve platform, clicked create a task, and the platform directed me to fund my account through Metamask. My account was immediately funded with 20,000 ADB as I had more than 20,000 ADB (enough to fund the entry task). Remember my Metamask wallet had some Ethereum to enable the transfer.

x) The last step was to define my task. It was a simple process. I was able to define 100 entries (the system has a calculator that guides users on the number of entries vis a vis ADB amount needed to run each task entry). I chose in the calendar, the days and the period I wanted my campaign to run.

I then submitted the YouTube task for review. Within a short time, the task was approved and was available on the Blade Task marketplace for execution!

I experienced first-hand as my YouTube grew from 400 subscribers to over 500 in less than 24 hours! There were good interactions with verified Adbank community members who executed the task.

Before campaign

Channel before the launch of YouTube task(410 subscribers)

After campaign

Channel before the launch of YouTube task (over 500 subscribers)

Self-serve Account showing completion of the YouTube task

I will be back to run more campaigns on this platform. Other successful campaigns that have run on the Blade self-serve platform include the Pizza Party team, an NFT project. I recommend the Self-serve platform to anybody who wishes to grow their social media following within a short time and on a friendly budget.

How to qualify for the 50,000 ADB bonus:

1. Sign-up on the Blade Self-serve platform here.

2. Fund your account.

3. Define and launch at least one task.

Take advantage of the 50,000 ADB sign-up bonus this April.

New to BLADE Self-serve Platform?

Read more here.

Find the FAQs here. Join the team and ask questions on Telegram here.

We shall also extend you some Adbank swag if you refer to us NFT project(s) during the promotion period. The NFT project(s) you refer to us should launch tasks on the Self-serve platform. Do you qualify to run a task? Anyone can launch tasks and stands a chance to earn the 50,000 ADB!

Need support to run your tasks? Email hello@adbank.network and the team will help you out!