Blockchain meets social media

3 min readJun 3, 2022


You need to identify your target audience, create quality content and maintain consistency in sharing your content.

Blockchain guarantees security and fidelity of a record of data thus generating trust without the need to involve a trusted third party. Blockchain innovation has come in handy to support digital assets. But this is evolving from crypto to streamlining healthcare (supply chain and logistics monitoring), to cross-border transfers such as those offered by Ripple. Electronic voting systems would ensure anonymity and a transparent and fair election process. It is on this backdrop that Adbank has come up with a blockchain solution to enable individuals and NFT projects to launch social media campaigns.

Why should you be on social media in the first place? Answering the ‘why’ question should be the starting point so that you can craft a good strategy and a social media content plan. As the world embraces the 4th industrial revolution, those who have not adopted the internet or social media risk being left behind. Social media increases your visibility, provides a networking platform to nurture relationships, and also provides a platform to share your expertise.

It can be quite challenging to grow your social media reach. You need to identify your target audience, create quality content and maintain consistency in sharing your content. In addition, being available to answer inquiries and engaging your followers cannot be overemphasized.

There are mistakes and pitfalls to avoid while growing your social media channels. These include: failing to engage your followers, treating all social media platforms the same, and self-glorification at the expense of providing value to your followers.

Adbank’s #Blade #Selfserveplatform is a reliable partner in facilitating individuals and organizations to launch microtasks and run social media campaigns seamlessly. The Self-serve platform is a blockchain solution and empowers the user to track results in real-time, define regions those who perform tasks hail from, and also determine when campaigns will run. It is quite affordable to run campaigns.

The journey to grow your social media following starts now. Whether it is your personal brand, business, NFT project, or a cause’s social media account(s) whose followers you need to grow, sign up on the Beta partner to get started. Our team is on standby to support you should you need assistance.

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